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Build lightning fast, reliable real-time applications with Ruby and Rails

Add real-time features to your Ruby on Rails application without ever having to switch to another platform or language. Stay productive by writing clean, maintainable code in Ruby with the assurance that your application scales and won’t cost a fortune to run.

Real-time with
Ruby and Rails

You’ve chosen Ruby to write beautiful, clean, and maintainable code.
You need real-time features like instant collaboration, chat, or notifications, but you don’t want to change the platform or lose the development tempo.
You can have it all—just plug an AnyCable server and offload all the hard work to it, while you continue to write business logic in Ruby.

How it works

Seamlessly integrates with the existing Ruby on Rails and Action Cable application—or a pure Ruby application.
Uses gRPC to connect it to the high-performance AnyCable server to handle hundreds and thousands of WebSocket connections.
Your Ruby code stays the same—except that you don’t have to worry about its real-time performance anymore!

Why AnyCable?

Reduce infrastructure costs

AnyCable is dramatically more efficient in RAM and CPU usage than Rails’ Action Cable, right out of the box. It transforms your Rails application’s real-time performance, making it on par with Go, Elixir, and Node.js-based solutions—so you won’t have to rewrite a thing, and can focus on implementing business logic instead.
AnyCable is here to make your application resilient during peak loads and make your real-time features scale without spending a fortune on infrastructure.
Scale more efficiently with AnyCable, with its much lower RAM usage and better CPU utilization.
times lower RAM usage
Handling 20K connections
798 MB
Action Cable
3,5 GB

Better real-time experience

Real-time user experience is the battleground today. With AnyCable you win continuously as your app scales.
If wait times are more than a second or two, you can no longer call your application “real-time”. With AnyCable, this is no longer a problem.
AnyCable optimizes messaging broadcasting to provide very low latency: users no longer have to wait seconds to learn that something has happened.
times faster response
Broadcast latency depending on the number of simultaneous connections
Latency chart

Additional features

AnyCable provides features out of the box that are missing in Action Cable, but are required for many production installations, including analytics, Prometheus integration, disconnect-less deployments with Envoy, non-Rails applications support, and more.
Moreover, it is designed to be easily extendable, and we are ready to tune and expand AnyCable to fit your needs.

You’re in control

AnyCable is free and open-source software.
It is easy to install AnyCable in your application cluster—in a public or private cloud or on bare metal.
You don’t have to pay for an external service and be limited by its pricing. Don’t make your application a hostage of a Software as a Service pricing plan.
You can be sure that the software has precisely the features that you need and none you don’t. With AnyCable, you have no message or channel-specific limits, no throttling, and even the capacity for guaranteed message delivery.
With no third parties involved, there is no added networking latency, and everything can be completely secure.
You are in full control over all features and upgrades.

Try it now

AnyCable is free and open source software. The source code is available on GitHub, and we have an extensible documentation and a vibrant user community. Try it now!

Custom solutions

AnyCable development is backed by Evil Martians, a product development consultancy with more than ten years of experience in building successful Ruby applications—with popular gems and Rails commits to back it up.
For our clients all over the world, AnyCable is what we use by default to add real-time features to their Rails applications.
We can help you build real-time features for your application, provide support for AnyCable, build a custom solution on top of AnyCable, or even modify AnyCable itself.
Let’s have a chat and see what we can do for you!
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